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No One Is Above The Law, Missouri Governor Greitens Included

February 22, 2018, on News & Results |

On Thursday afternoon, embattled Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was indicted for felony invasion of privacy and subsequently taken into custody and booked at the St. Louis Justice Center.[1]

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner’s office announced that a grand jury found enough evidence to indict Greitens for photographing a naked person and transmitting the image to a computer.[2] Under Missouri law, it is a class A misdemeanor to photograph, film, or record a person who is fully or partially nude without his or her consent.[3] If a person takes such a photo or video, the crime becomes a felony if the image or film is then transmitted to a computer or if the image is disseminated to another person.[4]

The indictment apparently stems from last month’s media reports that Greitens took a compromising nude photograph of a woman with him he was having an extramarital affair.[5] Through a secret recording obtained by the woman’s ex-husband and provided to the media, the woman was heard on audio stating that Greitens took a photo of her while she was blindfolded and then threatened blackmail with the photograph if she exposed the affair.[6]

Greitens is one among many politicians and celebrities of late to tumble into the limelight for sex-based charges and allegations. While the tenets of our criminal justice system require the Greitens’ and the Weinsteins’ of the country to be considered “innocent until proven guilty,” the allegations keep coming as victims gain confidence and support to speak out and file claims against the once powerful.

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