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Client Testimonials

"I had sustained a work related injury, and have known Mr. Motil for several years. I had never needed his service until my injury, but I knew he had a good reputation as a lawyer. Ron's expertise in knowing workers' compensation law and how to handle the paperwork, working with the company representatives to get me to the right doctors, and answering all my questions so I understood was a great help and made the whole process easier. If anyone was looking to hire Ron, I would tell them they have the right to go to anyone they want, but I know it would benefit them to talk to Ron first."

-Ronald, Granite City, IL 


"I tore my left bicep at work. Being a workers' compensation case, I wanted someone I could trust. Mr. Motil helped me with a case previously and I knew I could trust him. Ron took care of the legalities of my case (telephone calls, insurance matters, paperwork), and getting the best deal possible. Ron does a good job of keeping you informed whether good or bad. He doesn't take any crap, is a tough negotiator, and will get the job done."

-Mark, Collinsville, IL


"I was looking for a lawyer because I had a serious personal injury accident. I chose this law firm because we knew Ron personally and trusted his expertise. They always kept me informed as to how my case was progressing. No matter how many concerns and questions I had about my case, they always showed much patience with me and answered all my concerns. Ron and Stephanie will treat you with respect and put your mind at ease while they work with you." 

-Anonymous, Maryville, IL


"Ms. Black is an outstanding lawyer and I highly recommend her. Ms. Black is very dedicated to her profession. She is extremely personable and very easy to talk to. She cares deeply for her clients and goes above and beyond to do what's best for them. I have hired her and also have been consulted by her on numerous instances. She is very experienced in her field and loves what she does. An A+ Lawyer no question about it!"

-Mike, Collinsville, IL